Integrating and representing genome, metagenome, taxonomy resources and the analysis datasets with Semantic Web Technologies.
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Keyword Search provides a keyword search function with a simple interface. The keyword search gives the user free-text access to the literal fields of all RDF/OWL resources on Click Text search .

Representation and Visualization

For representation of database resources and analysis results, project has developed 197 TogoStanza, whch is a generic Web framework which enables the visualizing of reusable Web components that are embeddable into any Web applications. See TogoStanza List for more information.

Comparative Analysis provides Comparative Analysis Tools between the metagenome samples , the environment terms , the taxa , and sample metadata and taxonomic/functional analysis based on TogoStanza framework. If you are interested in comparative analysis, it can be visualized by using a comparison tool.

Upload Your Data

By uploading the data to, you can execute comparative analysis between your data and genomic and metagenomic analysis results on For that, you need to CREATE your account and Sign in .